Driving Tips

Tips for the Driving Horse 

A horse tends to behave differently away from his familiar surroundings.

Never leave a nervous or green horse tied, unattended, to the side of a trailer.

Never leave even the most seasoned horse unsecured and/or unattended in public.

When in unfamiliar surroundings, secure a horse with a rope before replacing his halter with his bridle.

A capable person should head a horse for maximum safety when ‘putting to’ and unhitching.

Never remove the bridle or unbuckle the reins while the horse is harnessed to a vehicle.

Frequently inspect your harness for wear points.  Failures occur at the most inopportune times.

Always provide extra holes in all billet ends for use in an emergency.

The use of gloves and a whip is recommended.

Hold the reins steady with slight, constant mouth contact.  Never use them in place of a whip.

The whip must always be the first person to take his place in the vehicle, and the last to leave.

You are encouraged to carry a spares kit, especially when driving any distance.

The use of protective head gear is encouraged.

All persons driving at a nonpublic NDS event MUST be an NDS member.

Northampton Driving Society